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Arthritis Treatment For Dogs

This special recipe was developed over 40 years ago by my mother, a very successful Australian breeder, to help her older dogs when they began to suffer from arthritis. It has been passed down through the family and is still used by myself and my sister who is now also a well-known breeder of top show dogs.

I have given the mixture to my dogs as they showed signs of arthritis. My Beagle was struggling to walk and yelped if another dog bumped her. After a few weeks on the mixture I watched in disbelief as she climbed up on to an outdoor chair and then on to the table. Finding no food on the table she then happily leapt to the ground. Also, she no longer had a problem climbing stairs.

Several years ago I adopted a ‘rescue dog’ who had been injured and limped. When I walked him around the block I would often end up carrying him for the last bit as he could not walk any further. I had him checked by a vet and took him to manipulators and for Bowen Therapy, with limited improvement. I decided to try the family recipe. My dog now drags me around the block and is eager to go for a walk as often as possible. A friend recently said “He gets younger as he ages”.

I have given the mixture to other friends and every one of them has come back for more after seeing the improvement in their dogs.

Pictured below is my rescued dog Butterball, and myself.

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