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Lorna's Legacy - Suppliers of Supplements to relieve Arthritis and joint pain in dogs.

This powder form supplement is sold per 100g. It is shipped in zip lock bags for ease of transportation.


To purchase larger quantities, eg 300g, at checkout, select 3 x this product.


Postage and handling for up to 4 Kgs is $15 within Australia. If you wish to order more than 4 Kgs or you are ordering from overseas, please e-mail to confirm a P&H charge BEFORE you order. Otherwise your order may be delayed.

This the same, all natural powder, but in capsules. The dosage is one capsule daily for a dog around 10 kg, 2 capsules for a dog around 20 kg and 3 capsules for a dog around 30 kg or over. Capsules are sold in lots of 120 for $30. Therefore, if you want 360 capsules you need to order 3 times $30 at the checkout, then add $15 for postage. Capsules will be posted in zip-lock baggies.

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